Custom Sets

  • If you want a custom set of press-on nails made contact me with photos or ideas of the set you would like to be recreated
  • If the set is needed for a special occasion let us know in advance
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Press-on Nails

How to Apply

Quick Tip: A little glue goes a long way

  1. Cut, file, and lightly buff your nails
  2. Cleanse nails off with alcohol or wash your hands
  3. Place enough but not too much glue on your nail bed
  4. Place Press-On nail and hold firmly for 15-20 Seconds

Quick Tips: Oil affects the strength of the adhesive so make sure your nails are buffed and oil free

  1. Cut, file, and lightly buff your nail
  2. Cleanse nail off with alcohol
  3. Place adhesive tab in the Press-On nail
  4. Press down firmly all around the nail for about 15-20 seconds

How to Remove

Method 1:

Optional: add oil to your cuticles

  1. Fill a small bowl up with warm water and soak your hand for 5-10 mins
  2. Use a wooden cuticle stick to help ease the nail off

Method 2:

Note: The nails can not be reused if you use this method

  1. Fill a small bowl with acetone and soak nails until they begin to lift
  2. Use a wooden cuticle stick to help ease the nail off

Gel Nail Strips

How To Apply

  1.     lightly buff and file nails. as well as push back your cuticles
  2.     Clean your nails with alcohol and make sure all oil, dust, and moisture is gone too ensure long wear
  3.     choose a nail strip preferably one slightly smaller than your nail bed. avoid placing nail strip on cuticle and skin.
  4.     fold down and file excess.

How To Remove

  1.     soak in nails in remover for 10-15 secs
  2.     you can lightly scrap polish off with a cuticle stick

Additional Tips

🤍      use immediately after opening

🤍      avoid getting nails wet for about 2- 3 hours